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Adult Sandals

The World's Smartest Sandals

Ready for a Better Sandal? Of course you are!


1) Get them wet without worries, the insole dries VERY fast!!  (Why?... Because there are freaking holes in it...)


2) You sweat? (Who doesn't?) The air circulation cools your feet perfectly! (Why? ... Hint: Holes!)


3) You don't need to shake your foot to remove the extra sand under it (ain't nobody got time for that), just walk and the sand will disappear underneath (Why?... Dumb question.)


4) They're more attractive, slicker, and sexier than the average sandal, according to a study we did by ourselves... to ourselves.


5) They're extremely light because of the special NASA technology we used to make them perfect for space. (well... everything is true but the NASA part... and the space thing)


They probably won't make you fly, so maybe don't try that... but who needs flight when you have...

The World's Smartest Sandals!

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